Lose Weight, Lose Inches; Gain Muscle, Gain Energy ~ WIN MONEY!!

Lose Weight; Win Money

Lose Weight; Win Money

Have you gotten to that point where you KNOW it is time for a change?  Maybe you have struggled with that 15 lbs for years; maybe you have slowly gained a couple lbs a year and it is uncontrollable now; maybe you want to really bulk up your muscle and pack weight on; maybe you have never had an athletic build and you want one.

No matter your goals; RightFitt pulls motivated individuals together to make a change.

As a group we meet once a week and discuss both nutrition and fitness including – Power of Protein, Good Carbs/ Bad Carbs, Fats, Raising Metabolism, Digestive System, Antioxidants, Toning and Lifting, Dining Out, Interval Training, and MORE!!  Class is in an interactive discussion forum.  Helpful tasks are taken home to encourage your success.  We deliver all of the tools that we can to get you to reach your goal!

Weight Loss Challenge Overview

($35 ~ 6-8 Weeks Long ~ Local & Remote Participants) ) Weight Loss Challengers find success in numbers!  The groups meets once a week for 6-8 weeks and learns about the basics of good nutrition and how to make positive changes. Each week there is a different focus and take-home so that you are continually making baby steps towards permanent healthy habit changes. The $35 cost primarily goes towards a PRIZE POT where the biggest transformations WIN MONEY!!!   We have given away as much as $3500 in 1 day at the end of a challenge!!  Cost of your chosen nutrition program varies depending on your goals and needs and can be discussed with your coach! Weight loss challenge meeting places vary – inquire to see if there is one starting near you!  If not, we have REMOTE participants who find their meeting support online!

Are you ready to make the change?

Email Info@RightFitt.net to find out about our upcoming challenges!!

Weight Loss Challenge Details

6-8 week challenge combining fitness and nutrition education to deliver results in a fun, manageable and affordable manner! Think you don’t have the time or money to get in the shape that you want to be?? YOU’RE WRONG! We can help you: Lose Weight Gain Muscle Tone and Lean Out Get Healthy Learn how to STAY Healthy… Basically GET FITT!!!! Here are some details. FYI – not just for locals; remote participants welcome!!!

WHEN: Classes meet 1/week for 6 to 8 weeks depending on location.  Times and location vary. Classes are EXPLODING!  Email your FITT Coach for thier challenge options!  Don’t have a FITT coach yet?  No problem!!  Fill out the following and


Finally, you can have us come to YOU!  If you get a group of 10+ people we will run a challenge in your community, business or hood!

NUTRITION: Learn about many of the core principles of nutrition in a fun setting. Implement what you learn throughout the week to get the goals YOU WANT.  Support one another through multiple tools we have in place so that have the will power to succeed.

FITNESS: Each class will also educate you on some of the different aspects of fitness that will help you to reach new levels.  Whether it’s learning to cut muscles, increase metabolism or simply how to enjoy your workouts, we will help!  Many challenges also offer fitness classes alongside of their challenge!

PRICE: Challenge is $35  and this cash primarily goes towards your prize pot for incentive!   In addition, all challengers become MEMBERS to the RightFitt site where you can access all of our private member tools.   

Weight Loss Challenge Participants Receive:

FREE Wellness Evaluation and Body Analysis

Personalized Wellness Coaching 

Weekly Weigh-In

Health, Nutrition, and Exercise Information

Group Support

Weekly Prizes

Chance to Win Cash Prize Pot!  (Registration fees paid out to TOP ACHIEVERS!)

ONE-TIME Participation Fee of $35 

These energetic and informative meetings deliver results!!  Participants lose an average of 15 – 25 lbs in 8 weeks!!  

Register to get a FITT Coach and they will get you into the right challenge today!