RightFitt started offering Weight Loss and Project Me challenges in the beginning of 2012 and it has been a non-stop success ever since!!

Online Help With Homework This is an 8 week nutrition focused class where we deliver useful information and tools that are easy to implement – the result?  MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS!!   We have had classes lose over 300lbs in only 8 weeks!!  Each client loses between 5 and 35 lbs on average!  It’s amazing what you can accomplish in only 8 weeks with a little support, motivation and education!

click here Not only that – you can WIN CASH while participating and you can participate FROM ANYWHERE!!


8 week challenge combining fitness and nutrition to deliver results in a fun, manageable and affordable manner!

Think you don’t have the time or money to get in the shape that you want to be?? YOU’RE WRONG! We can help you:

Lose Weight
Gain Muscle
Tone and Lean Out
Get Healthy
Learn how to STAY Healthy…

Basically GET FITT!!!!

Here are some details. FYI – not just for locals; remote participants welcome!!!


Check the Calendar – It has all of our upcoming challenges on it.  Basically we are at least starting a new one every 4 weeks.  Don’t want to wait?  If you have a group of 10+ people we will come to YOU and run a challenge for your friends/family/group!  This breeds a TON of success because of the group dedication!
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Learn about fitness and nutrition in a fun setting. Implement what you learn throughout the week to get the goals YOU WANT. Get body composition analysis, before pics, after pics, PRIZES, coaching, encouragement and tools to help you be a success!

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Challenge is $35 for full 8 weeks (most of this cash goes towards the prize $$$ for incentive!!)
Project ME Challenge is another $65 and you get an 8 week workout program to complete ANYWHERE and if you are local you can workout every week with RightFitt Unlimited.  (Are you remote but you want to do more with the classes?  Find a group of 10+ and we will show you how to run the classes in your home town!)

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Cindy finally found a program that delivered results through slow and steady dedication!

Andrea joined right after having a baby and lost ALL the baby weight over 2 challenges!

Millie Lost 35 lbs and over 30 inches

Tim decreased his visceral fat by 4%!