Who says girls can’t compete!!!

follow link I’ve heard all the excuses about why someone is stuck at their current weight…  why you can’t afford the time and commitment to lose weight…  how it’s impossible for girls to keep up with the guys when it comes to weight loss…

see If anyone had an excuse or disadvantage it was Millie!  Not only did she start our New Year, New You Weight Loss Challenge as an underdog (girl with less than 40lbs to lose), but she had 2 surgeries throughout the course of our challenge – one was a result of a soccer injury which kept her out of the gym the last two weeks!

I’ll let you be the judge of her success –

http://memoryreconciliation.org/dissertation-awareness-under-general-anesthesia/ Millie rocked through this weight loss challenge with determination and hard work!  Her Project Me included nutrition, a personalized workout program and 2 RightFitt classes per week. Despite the challenges she stuck to the program and did as much of her fitness as she could.  How did she end up?

http://www.hdwallpap.com/need-write-essay-fast/ Need Write Essay Fast SHE LOST 34 LBs & 30.5 INCHES IN 12 WEEKS!!!

“I am the healthiest and most fit I’ve been in years. Herbalife has impacted my nutrition and working out with Caley has given me inches off my waist, arms and legs!”