Dissertation Philosophie Sur Le Desir Welcome to your RightFitt Weight Loss Challenge!!

You have made an Getting Help With A Business Plan 8 week commitment to focus on healthy nutrition through baby steps and small changes.  Our hope is that every challenge leaves you with a little more knowledge and know how to Critical Thinking Application Paper 2010 FUELING your body rather than feeding your body!  When you learn the value of the foods you are putting into your body and combine it with a great nutrition support system, weight loss is far more simple, maintenance is easy and it can even be a little FUN!

The following are all of the documents for the duration of the challenge!  Now you don’t have to keep track of any paperwork if it’s not your thing! OR, if you are an organizer, print up each week and make a fancy shmancy binder!   If you miss a week – pop in here and catch up!   Remote contestants – work your way through each week (but be sure to report your weight with your coach).  If you need to revisit a topic, you know where to find it!!

Each week contains our weekly handout and a video.  The video is of an actual class taking place, so I don’t expect an Emmy for the performance and production.   Focus on content!  There is also extended material on the topic of the week as well as any other potentially needed documents.

Week One – Registration, Numbers and proteins

Week 1 Handout

Protein and Cellular Nutrition Extended

Useful Documents for Success

Shopping List

Food List

Herbalife Smoothie Recipes

Links to Check Out or Like

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http://www.catcoglobal.com/?mandatory-military-service-research-paper Week Two – Metabolism

Week 2 Handout

Metabolism Expanded


Week Three – Carbohydrates

Week 3 Handout

Carbohydrates Expanded

Carb Cycle and Why You Don’t Want It!

HERBALIFE Protein Snacks – Ditch the Bad Carbs


http://russianchicagomag.com/harvard-application-essays/ Week Four – Digestive System

Week 4 Handout

Fiber & Digestive Health Expanded

Auto Intoxification Expanded

HERBALIFE Digestive Health Products

21 Day Herbalife Cleansing Program – DO IT


click Week Five – Fat

Week 5 Handout

Fats Expanded

HERBALIFE Fat-Blocking Products


Week Six – Food labels, stress and sleep, nutrition for fitness

Week 6 Handout


Week Seven – Heart Disease, Dining out, HIIT vs LSD Training

Week 7 Handout

Heart Disease Expanded

Dining Out Guide

Steak House

Mexican Restaurants

Italian Restaurants

Fast Food Frenzy


Week Eight – Final Stats and Moving Forward!!

Week 8 Handout