Hold on to your hats folks – we have some INCREDIBLE events coming up!!!  You DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!!!!!!!!

Nutrition Coaching Events (this is for anyone with a drive to help people, make money, or both…and ps…it’s easy to do)

We just got back from the most phenomenal experience learning about how much growth is occurring in Herbalife.  The Colorado market is so far behind it’s insane….so what does RightFitt do?  We ROCK THE CRAP OUT OF COLORADO!!!!  We are on a mission to get this state healthy and we have all of the tools to do it!  But we can’t do it alone….WE NEED YOU!

Please believe me – if you attend any ONE of the following events, it will be life changing!!

SUCCESS TRAINING SEMINAR – November 10th in Denver

Come spend a few hours with us on a Saturday and see how we are helping people in 84 countries…people are getting healthy and wealthy.

Already Going: Caley, Jessica, Dawn, Victoria, Megan, Frank, Baldo

CHAIRMAN’S CLUB TOUR – November 15th in Denver

This event is open for EVERYONE and ANYONE!! Come hear from a true PRO!!!  This tour features the Chairman of our company that are making as much as $4K A DAY doing this business.  This is a great opportunity to come hear about the very basics of our company from the pros!  You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A DISTRIBUTOR TO COME!

Already Going: Caley, Jessica, Dawn, Victoria, Mel, Baldo

Introduction to Health Coaching – Every Monday 11am in Erie or Tuesday 6pm in Northglenn

RightFitt is finding new coaches every week.  Come here why and come here how!?  ps – you do not have to be a fitness person to come and learn!

SPECTACULAR – January 12th and 13th

Anyone look at all of our fabulous pictures from the last big conferences?  We have traveled to New Mexico multiple times and California just last week!  The experience is always unforgettable – you’ll have to join us to understand.  Learn about the biz, the products – attend an insane ‘green party’ (get your neon on) – and meet some high energy friends!

But guess what??? Then next big event is in Denver!  So here is the deal – RightFitt is committed to getting 100 people there!!!!!  How the heck are we going to do it?  Well you are going to join us of course!  Yeah YOU – who ever is reading this.  You’ll thank us later… but you will thank us now as well.  Why?  Because you get…


…when you buy tickets for the Spectacular ($40 early bird price) under the RightFitt Group!  (Usually costs $160 so this is pretty much a no brainer.)

Get 5 friends to join and receive a free RightFitt shirt!  BAM – it doesn’t get any better than this 😉

So what ya waiting for?  Email your RightFitt coach or contact me today for more information.


Already Purchased and Getting Free Classes: Caley, Jessica, Dawn, Victoria, Mel,