source Kyle’s 8 Week Results

Kyle Day


Fitness enthusiast, Kyle, started a Project Me in February because his girlfriend was doing it and he thought it would be something different.  He had been very health conscious before with a meticulous diet and grueling workout plan.

Preschool Homework Ideas As you will see, our cellular nutrition agreed with Kyle’s body! He also rocked the 24 line and found that it was much easier to get all of the key nutrients and vitamins than trying to concoct his own pre and post workout drinks/tabs.  With these changes along with some slight changes to his workout routine, Kyle was FINALLY able to get the RESULTS HE WAS LOOKING FOR!

Kyle came in to see me week 1, week 4 (to get more product and revamp workout plan) and week 8 for final measurements.  He was very self motivated and managed!  His stats?

follow He lost 18 lbs of fat.

He gained 4% muscle.

His visceral fat dropped by 2%!!

Great work Kyle!!


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