Tammy Rabenseifner

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Goal: Lose Weight & Feel Better

Time w/ RightFitt: 18 Weeks         Achievement: Lost 32lbs & 42 Inches

Tammy Rabenseifner has completely changed her lifestyle! She has lost weight, inches and many pant sizes! But what she has gained is worth so much more! In conjunction with a healthy weight loss, she has lowered her blood pressure, cholesterol and gained energy! She has done workouts that were out of her comfort zone, completed a 5k and has more in her future! Tammy’s totals in 18 weeks – 32 pounds and 42 inches with -0.2 points on her A1C and -26 points on her total cholesterol!
The RightFitt Crew LOVED this post shared by Tammy over the summer!!  This was really what kickstarted her new lifestyle!!  Check out the REAL LIFE of RightFitt! 

Day 76 Summer of Change - Since I have started these posts about my summer of change, I have seen great changes in myself and the way I handle stressful situations in my life.

Yesterday was the first official day back to work for teachers at my school. I did very well not eating all the breakfast pastries that they had laid out for us because I had already drank my shake for the morning and had my snack with me to get me through until lunch. However, it was extremely difficult to stay the course when more and more stress was being thrown at me as the day went by. I took a short walk at lunch and made it through the day but was completely wiped out by the time I got home. Then I had to fix something for supper! Ugh! I would have normally put the kids in the car and grabbed a fast food bite BUT I pushed through the temptation and went to the store. Steak, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and salad was the finally result. My brain was still hyped up from the day so a 2.25 mile walk with my hubby helped me to relax enough to get some rest!

Thank you to my life coach Taunya for preparing me for yesterday through our many talks over the past few weeks and to my team mates - Aimee, Trish, and Bailey - for their constant support and texts of encouragement!

Also thank you to my Facebook friends and family for reading my posts and commenting or liking them as this helps to keep me honest with myself.

As this Summer of Change comes to an end, the journey has only begun! I will still post about milestones and overcoming temptations but unfortunately my 'summer' has come to an end. Total weight lost during this portion of the change is almost 18 pounds!

http://www.eatknitanddiy.com/custom-powerpoint-presentation/ Making healthy choices can be challenging; but when you take baby steps and make progressive changes – the results LAST!!  Tammy has proved that she is going to continuously SUCCEED at proactive health because she makes the choice each and every day!

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