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enter site RightFitt is your one stop shop personal coaching service to achieve long lasting physical and health results!

We deliver personalized coaching for weight loss, muscle gain, athletes, new moms, general nutrition, energy and mindset!

Our clients have access to personalized packages covering nutrition, fitness, accountability, support and motivation.   Our goal is to guide you by offering valuable education, assist you with goal setting and deliver a 360 degree solution and program for long lasting results!   We cover all areas of living a full and fun lifestyle, while creating healthy and reasonable habit changes improving your quality life.

At RightFitt, we believe rigorous dieting and torturing yourself with undesired workouts is not a reasonable solution. Instead, we meet you where YOU are at and define a reasonable path with consistent and progressive goals leading towards your dream physique and health.   It is a journey and you should enjoy it!

Get your fully personalized action plan to get the results you deserve! Stop dieting and start living!

Personal Coaching

Each client is unique and your experience should be perfect for YOU.  With our personal coaching you can work one-to-one with a FittCoach by choosing the exact features of RightFitt you want! Learn More

Results Challenges

Join a 6, 8 or 12 Week Transformation Challenge; each one is unique and offers a variety of features and rewards.  We have local challenges including full personal training and global training including workout plans. Learn More

At-Home Fun

Are you looking for some extra motivation from home?  We offer fun monthly challenges to keep you moving and motivated – abs, bootie, cardio and more.  We also offer full programs to complete from home!Learn More

Local Affiliates

As RightFitt grows, we have an increasing amount of hubs, affiliates and coaches!  From FittTour – free workouts to Local Nutrition Hot Spots!  Meet a local coach and join the community!Learn More

RightFitt’s Other Services

Curious what makes RightFitt a one stop shop?  Check out all of our services that are at your fingertips when you work with RightFitt!  Every client chooses the features that work best for them to get the results they are after!

Many people start their health journey by joining a gym and ‘trying to figure it out’.  Checking out a variety of classes or attempting to figure out how the heck to work the weight room or build a program.  Some feel lost and bring in a trainer to help them find the right workout routine and educate them about proper exercise.  This is a great first step to learning the proper exercise to achieve results… but we believe in a few key points:

  • Fitness should be fun… you have to find a routine that you will stick with!
  • You can’t out run a bad diet… 60 minutes in the gym is less than 5% of your day.  The other 23 hours create results.
As we said – you can’t out train a bad diet.  If you are looking for results, your nutrition is key.  RightFitt guides your healthy nutrition by coaching correct macros, making progressive habit changes, and by providing fast and affordable healthy meals and metabolizers.  We offer accelerators and a variety of nutritional supplements offering the #1 healthy meal in the world.  When it comes to nutrition…we believe in a few key points:

  • DIETS DON’T LAST – Giving up everything you love generally creates cravings and challenges.
  • Work Hard/Play Hard – There is a time to work and a time to play.  We help you achieve results and guide you to get the right macros the majority of the time while carefully picking your “fun calories.”
Getting health and fitness results can be difficult; and without a support system it can seem dang near impossible!  RightFitt offers multiple accountability streams including check ins with your personalized coach as much as DAILY, challenges with weekly weigh ins and Q&A, bringing together community groups for more accountability and support.  A few key points for accountability:

  • It is proven that people get better health results when they have an accountability system
  • A strong community creates a steady accountability group
Motivation… how do you find it!  Step one has to come within – you have to COMMIT to getting results and make a decision to make some changes.  You are worth it!  After that, you will have greater success with any outside motivation you can find.  RightFitt’s creativity taps into additional sources of motivation including:

  • Timed challenges and programs to give you an exact timeline which builds motivation
  • A variety of prizes for getting results!  Each services comes with different prizes and all are motivating!
RightFitt has a number of personal trainers and certified instructors on the team – we know that one of disadvantages of training is that you leave the gym and just like that… you are on your own!  You have to figure out how to make good choices until your next session.  RightFitt offers a support group with access to all of our professionals 24/7.  Have a quick dietary question – Just ask!  Need a workout suggestion – we will be there!

  • You need support to get success – not just in the gym but 24/7
  • RightFitt has a number of professionals and certified trainers on hand to answer your questions
Last but most definitely not least – if your mind is not right – a transformation can be extremely difficult.  RightFitt coaches focus and train on mindset.  We have challenges geared towards Mind, Body and Soul.  We have book clubs where we fine tune your mindset, focus and ambition.  We even have groups that pull together as we discuss how to make the MOST OF YOUR LIFE!!

Why Choose Us

      • We offer a unique personalized experience that responds to YOUR needs
      • You choose the services; you choose the program; baby step or dive right in!
      • Our focus is FUN… To get results you have to create long term enjoyable habits
      • Why join a gym; get a trainer; get a nutritionist; join an accountability group AND join a book club… when you can get LIFE results with your FittCoach!
      • We are a group of REAL people, getting REAL results – We live the life we love and love the life we live – and you should too!

What Client’s Say

I can’t even describe my life last year to this year (before RightFitt).  I just feel like I am starting to LIVE not just exist.  Learning to surround myself by positive people like you makes all the difference.  Thank You!!!
go here Lisa H., Visited local affiliate @The Platte
Just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU!  Watching RightFitt’s journey has been really inspirational.   In big ways and little ways… from great grocery suggestions like protein tortillas, to your book club including Miracle Morning!  Thank you for openly sharing on your pages!  
enter Stephanie S., Followed recipes and book clubs online
I am down from 182 to 160 and putting on muscle.  Len and fit and feeling great!  When from a size 12/14 to a size 6!!  But the coolest part is I did my first marathon at 45 years old and I’ve reduced my marathon time by nearly 30 minutes since I started working with RightFitt!
Robin, Remote Clients
After 1 year of working with RightFitt I lost 62 lbs, 62.25 inches and 23% body fat…all around my busy schedule of homeschooling 2 kids.  I’m now over 600 days into this new lifestyle. I’m continuing to make the daily choices to keep up this healthy body!!!
I have tried ‘dieting’ before and of course, it didn’t work.  Why?  Now I know why, I didn’t have the tools I needed to learn how to eat right…I needed to make a life change.  RightFitt isn’t a diet, it’s a group of friends, all with the same goal, to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Tammy, 8 week challenge

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