Congratulations to all of our recent winners!!

FREE Project ME™

What incredible stories you all shared with us!  We were overwhelmed by over 40 registrants and it was a very tough decision.  Congratulations to Natalie Baca!  We can’t wait to work closely with you to reach all of your personal goals; especially to get your body healthy and strong so that you can keep  up with your active 9 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl!  Get your game face on because we start Tuesday!!

FREE Project ME™ - Natalie Baca

For all of you other registrants – we had such a difficult time choosing a winner, we want to extend an incredible offer!  This is only for those of you that are really ready to ROCK a transformation.  It is a special Project ME™ Weight Loss Challenge on Tuesday evenings.  Unlike our normal $35 nutrition focused weight loss challenge, this is a nutrition AND fitness focused challenge that will include before and after pics, group workouts, workout guide for home and more.  These Project ME™ features are being provided at a 70% discount!!!

Register for Project ME™ Challenge NOW!!

Project ME Transformation Winners

Those of you that complete a Project ME™ know that you will have the opportunity to enter ANOTHER CONTEST!!  After all of your hard work, you deserve some recognition!  For our first contest we had two winners!

Dawn Reddy – Free photo shoot!  Can’t wait to see results

Kelsey Skrbina – $50 gift card!


June At-Home Workout Challenge

In June we challenged you to run/walk/jog 1 mile a day followed by a 4 minute tabata set.  This was an easy 14 minute workout to get you on track!  You got 1 pt for every time you completed this and checked in on Facebook.  If you got 30 pts you got ‘buy one get one free’ for your July workouts!  And the winners were…. NO ONE!!  Holy camolly people… not 1 person was able to get 30 pts.  Maybe next time???