What could you accomplish if you lost all of your extra weight, doubled your energy, increased your muscle mass and felt GREAT!

Original ProjectMe Actual 6 Week Results

Original ProjectMe Actual 6 Week Results

No matter your goals, there is a life changing ProjectME™ waiting for you! We work with people all over the country – no excuses so contact us today!


Fitt Coaches specialize in following and supporting you in your journey to improve your health!  When signing up for a Project ME™ you are making a commitment to MAKE A CHANGE!!  This commitment is for those who are 100% ready to dive into a journey!

ProjectMe™ Overview

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ProjectMe is  http://www.ldjcleaning.com/service-presentation-powerpoint/ service presentation powerpoint an amazing transformational process allowing our dedicated clients to make quick and visible changes to their fitness and wellness goals. The ProjectMe community for each cycle provides unparalleled support to help reach your goals.  Your Project Me includes a nutrition program, education and recipes; multiple workout plans that can be done from anywhere, a personal Fitt Coach, social media support with Mes around the world, biweekly meetings with visible feedback on progress and a professional  photoshoot upon completion of your goals!!

ProjectMe locations are expanding rapidly.  If we do not currently have a meeting base in your hometown, we can start your program remotely and quickly work to grow your city!  Each locations growth starts with an inspirational story – and that story could be yours!

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ProjectMe™ Details


We are signing up Mes for our next cycle NOW!!!  Official start dates will vary based on location but will be the first 2 weeks of January.


All around the world!!  We have ProjectMe™ groups started everywhere!  If you are close to an established group, we will plug you into the right ProjectMe™ Coach today!  If we are just starting in your city, we will show you how we can coach you to results and grow your city to a developed branch!


  • 80% Nutrition, 20% fitness, easy meal plan
  • Simple yet amazing tasting meal replacement options with 100′s of recipes
  • Proper long term eating education
  • Advance, intermediate and beginner fitness programs that don’t require a gym
  • 4-to-1 Me to trainer ratio
  • Social Media support with other Me’s across the world
  • Biweekly meetings and visible feedback on progress
  • Professional photoshoot upon completion of your goals

watch How Much?

Price of your ProjectMe will vary slightly based on your needs, but your coach will help you determine the right program for you.  Our ProjectMes DO, however, get a 75% price discount on the value of their program!  (Details described by your coach)

Get Your Fitt Coach today and they will plug you into the next available upcoming ProjectMe slots!  (spots are limited)

Click HERE to get reserve your spot today!!

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Interested in becoming a Project ME™ Coach??

Due to rapid expansion we are actively seeking new coaches.  If you are intersted in motivating others to a healthier active lifestyle (while continuing to get personal results), inquire above and we will tell you more!