Jacyln Hart

Castle Rock, CO

Goal: Prove all previous trainers and coaches wrong and get the results she DESERVES!!

Time w/ RightFitt: 8 Weeks             Achievement: Finally found the answer!!  Toning, Trimming and Show Prep!!

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Jaclyn Hart came to Coach Caley completely frustrated and willing to try anything.  She had been ‘training for a fitness show’ for years and was willing to put in the WORK to get there!  She would work out an incredible amount every single day and eat exactly what her coaches told her to eat, regardless of cravings or ‘life’.  In fact – she had worked with 4 other personalized coaches for time spans of 12 weeks all the way up to 20 weeks.  They had her jumping through so many hoops and working very intricate and complex strategies in order to attempt results.
As Jaclyn explained this all to me (Coach Caley), I could sense her frustration and exhaustion but I just smiled and said, “I love me a good challenge.”  She laughed and said all of her previous trainers said the same thing.  We enrolled Jaclyn in a full advanced transformation including very simple but manageable nutrition and made some slight adjustments to her workout program.  Since she was a little further away, she could only make it to 2 of our workout sessions (both of which she ROCKED naturally).

For over 2 years I have been prepping to compete in my first figure show. Four coaches later and numerous workout and food plans later, I am yet to get on stage. I gained muscle, but the lbs were still lingering and my frustration kept increasing. I felt I was just stuck, until now!! Seeing the pounds go down and my energy and excitement level increase has given me the drive to keep pushing forward.

As her weekly photos started coming across – both of us were amazed at how quickly her body responded!  She had very noticeable differences of slimming and toning across her entire body!  What was even better than that is that she could live a little!  No crazy food restrictions; just simple real life changes.

Check out some of Jaclyn’s pictures!!  Not only is she getting top notch results – but she is FUN!!  I love to watch how she motivates others through her facebook – always after it!!  Congrats Jaclyn!!

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