So it’s Friday or Saturday and you KNOW there are going to be some liquid calories going on over the weekend!!  Maybe you and your friends are going out tonight or maybe you have a bbq tomorrow featuring margaritas and mojitos…

I KNOW you are going to enjoy some of those liquid calories, but how can you do that and stay at your correct calorie amount??

Party Fitt Tip 5 – Skinny Drink Options

It all comes down to making smart choices.  Prep for calories before and after, but what are you choosing to drink?

Here are some examples of the choices that are in front of you!  And then of course – we have some Party FITT Options!!



Beers may have anywhere from 64 calories a piece to 330 calories a piece (maybe even more!)  There is a reason they call it a ‘beer belly’!!  If you are a beer drinker, try to stick to the lower calorie options.  It’s also best to save your liquid calories for occasional consumption as opposed to drinking every night 😉




Ok let’s be real about this – size matters.  You can’t use a wine glass the size of your kids head and calculate it as ‘one glass’ of wine 😉  When you look at the calorie content in wine, you HAVE to account for the number of ounces you are drinking.  Consider this – the average bottle of wine has about 635 calories in it.  So if you pour 2 glasses from this, your average glass is 315 calories 😉



On average, straight alcohol has about 70 calories per 1.5 oz.  If you buy the sweetened alcohol there is naturally going to be more calories.  Regardless, it comes down to your mixers and the amount of alcohol in your cocktail!  This is where you can totally blow it!!

Here are some of the averages of some of your favorite drinks!!

Cosmos – 300 calories

Margaritas – 300 to 900 calories!!

Mudslides – 500-850 calories

Daquiries – 300 calories

Martinis – 180 to  300 calories

Long Island Ice Tea – 190 to 410 calories

Pina Colada – 300 to 700 calories (I found one that is 1800 calories)

Mojito – 170 to 300 calories

Bloody Mary – 140 to 200 calories


Party FITT Options

As you enjoy your summer – the number one thing is moderation…..less days of drinking or less drinks when you drink 😉  I would choose light beers instead of ciders.  If you like mixed drinks – stick with clear alcohols and calorie free mixers, i.e. Vodka Diet Tonic, Vodka Soda Water…maybe even just whiskey and water!!

Here are some of our favorites!

Skinny Margarita

Enjoy a margarita for a small portion of the calories!!  One of my favorites without the sugar headache.


Mix tequila with Fresca or diet sprite.  Add 1 scoop H30.  Squeeze in half a lime.  Top with a splash of light beer!  Only 100 calories instead of 700+!!!

John Daly

Who wouldn’t like to have a cocktail that nets only 20 calories!  BAM!  This mixture of calorie burning Herbalife tea, Lemon H30 and vodka is awesome!  Hydrate with the H30, burn calories with tea and have some fun with the vodka!


Mix your vodka with 8oz of water (about).  Add in 1 scoop of Lemon H30 and 1/2 tsp of Original or Lemon Herbal Tea.  Squeeze in some fresh lemon if you have it!!


And as always – Remember your SNACK DEFENSE!!!!

Contact your RightFitt Coach to get any needed Herbalife goods 😉  If you don’t have a coach – email and she will hook you up with the best coach for you!!