There is no easy LOSE WEIGHT button!

70% Nutrition, 30% Exercise??   I say it’s 80%/20%!!

I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me that are working out a ton – even training for races – and getting NO results…We got your back 😉

here You can exercise til you’re blue in the face (quite literally), but it’s not going to deliver results if you have a poor diet!!  I can attempt to demolish a client through the most difficult personal training session possible and help them burn 300-800 calories, but…that’s easy to put right back in… Here are some quick examples you may stop and grab:

Venti White Chocolate Mocha – 620 Calories (75 g of sugar)

Bagel w/ Cream Cheese – 450 Calories

Chick fil a Sandwich Combo – 1000 Calories

1 Piece of Toast w/ Peanut Butter – 300 Calories

Banana Berry Jamba Juice Smoothie – 480 Calories

Nacho Bell Grande – 700 Calories


And I was trying to think of ‘reasonable’ options people may grab!  Case in point – if you don’t have good nutrition, you will NOT LOSE WEIGHT. IF YOU DON’T HAVE GOOD NUTRITION (at least decent nutrition) then WHY BOTHER?

RightFitt doesn’t help you burn the calories and then push you out the door.  We offer an easy, enjoyable and sustainable way to manage your food intake.  Stop chasing your tail through the endless cycle of ‘exercise followed by poor nutrition choices’ and start making a permanent change in your health. Get Your FREE One Hour Nutrition Consultation Today

Everyone gets a free one hour consultation in which your coach will:

– Measure and evaluate your metabolic rate and body composition

– Learn about your goals and needs

– Create a reasonable meal plan and guidance based on your needs

95% of our clients use our supreme nutrition tools provided by Herbalife.  In addition we educate our clients on making healthy choices in their everyday consumption that will have a great impact on your life balance.  Our programs are catered and tailored to you specifically!!  YOUR NEEDS / YOUR GOALS!!  We have REAL clients that need REAL nutrition…we don’t have unrealistic requests, but instead coach well rounded healthy eating!

enter site The best part is??  Our clients get SUPERB RESULTS due to our balanced cellular nutrition, power of balanced proteins, and continuous coaching.