follow You lucky dog – you must be scoping this out because you are getting INCREDIBLE coaching for your nutrition from RightFitt!!

As time passes, you are going to progressively change your habits and maintaining your weight and achieving your goals is going to be completely manageable…

Will it take some time? Yes…  Will there be struggles along the way?  Yes…  Will you have to learn to balance both fun and health?  Yes…  Can you ever go back to a lifestyle of eating carb-filled processed fast food all the time?  No….

Will it be worth it? YOU BET YA! Abs are made in the kitchen; not in the gym.


As you know, since you have met with your personal RightFitt coach – there is very important balance of your calories and proteins consumed.  If you are managing this well – your metabolism will be revving high, you will feel satisfied by the foods you eat, and you won’t have many cravings at all!

Here are some useful tools to help guide you to success!

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Smoothie Recipes – Basic Menu

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