Sydni Dunham – 8 Week Project Me

Holy smokes Sydni Dunham!  What an incredible Project Me!!  Check out these results!


Sydni and I devised her Project Me because she wanted to just tighten up a bit.  Sydni looked GREAT to begin with, but she felt that she would be more confident adjusting her body comp a bit.

Get Tone in Thornton Sydni Goals:

Decrease butt and leg size, work on a core a bit, tone upper body. Project ME:

Basic program with additional protein to support muscle growth.  Personalized workout program focusing on buns, abs and arms.  We also avoided mundane running 😉 Results:

Amazing!! Sydni exceeded ALL of her personal goals!!

She is 6lbs lighter.

She lost 5.9% of her body fat!!!!

Her metabolic age decreased by 4 years and her visceral fat decreased by 1%Her training program added 3.4% muscle on to her lean body 😉


I was amazed at her transformation and give her EXTRA KUDOS FOR WORKING SO HARD!  Sydni – you are amazing!



AND GUESS WHAT!!  After finding a passion for exercise and health, Sydni went on to compete!!

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