So you just had a baby – congratulations!!!

You’re new bundle of joy is adorable and makes your heart swell.  She also keeps you up at night, adds stress to your day and has packed on between 20-80 lbs to your lovely body.  Of course, absolutely, WITHOUT A DOUBT – she was worth it…but it’s time to bounce back from that baby bump!


RightFitt coaches work with a ton of new moms to help you get your groove back.  Not only do we coach you to lose a couple lbs a week, but we also help you do it in a fun and manageable way.  You need to contact us ASAP if you have found yourself saying any of the following:

“I am SOOOOOO tired, I want to cry.”

“Where are my sweats…I need a baggier shirt…”
                                    “I need an adult to talk to – any adult. PLEASE”  
                                                                                   “Where are my keys; where’s the diaper bag; where’s my baby…I’m losing my mind!”  

                 ” Wtf – how long AFTER the baby should I be wearing these ridiculous maternity pants?!!”


You need to take control and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  You are worth it – and believe me – your husband and baby agree.  RightFitt offers personalized affordable coaching through your own New Mommy Project ME™.  Get help with nutrition and fitness, meet other new moms, CHILDREN ALWAYS WELCOME so no daycare needed!!!  When is the time right – NOW!  Meet with us as early as 1 week after having your little one…and hey – if you had that bundle of joy 10 years ago and still have ‘baby weight’, we can help you with that too!

Starting Weight 171lbs. Finishing Weight 116lbs. Can you say WOW!

Andrea came to RightFitt after she had her 3rd baby.  She was motivated and ready to get her pre-baby body back RIGHT away!

She stuck with us for 2 of our Weight Loss Challenges (at which she won $$$ both times!)  In addition she worked out with RightFitt one day a week and worked out on her own the other days.  I am so proud of her and her hard work!  So how did she do??

Weight loss challenge 1 – She lost 20lbs which was 13% of her body weight!!  This awarded her 1st place and $$$!!

Weight loss challenge 2 – Andrea lost another 15lbs!!!  She placed in the top 3 and won more $$$!!

As you can see, Andrea looks incredible!  She is managing her weight through healthy nutrition and exercise and has the energy she needs to keep up with her 3 vibrant sons!

Great work girl!!


Take control and make a change – contact RightFitt today!

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