We would like to congratulate RightFitt’s Weight Loss Transformation of the YEAR!!!

Featuring: Natasha Nelson!!!

Natasha Nelson came to RightFitt In June 2012.  She had seen some of our transformation results on Facebook and thought the group environment might be motivating for her.  She joined her first Weight Loss Challenge and came in full force!  Natasha was excited about the opportunity to win cash for losing weight and she found the accountability very useful!

When she started, she only participated in the nutrition challenge.  Her brother, a big supporter, was doing workouts with her on the side, so she was getting a full program of both nutrition and fitness!!  She immediately noticed how RightFitt’s nutrition plan boosted her efforts in a big way!  She blew the first challenge away losing over 30lbs and winning over $320!!  

Natasha’s motivation stayed strong and she jumped right into the next challenge!  It was beneficial for her to hear all of the information a second time around.  She was able to apply herself even more and stick with it again!  Natasha won this challenge AGAIN!  $200 more in her pocket and 30lbs more lost!

Finally she joined a 3rd Challenge and placed again!!! She won another $120 and lost over 30lbs AGAIN!!!  At this point, Natasha was being approached by so many others with questions about her weight loss. It just made sense to join the RightFitt Coaches and start helping others!

As a full time teacher, she was able to get in front of a lot of other individuals wanting to make positive health changes.  She has started multiple outside weight loss challenges at schools and has now helped 20+ people lose weight and get healthy.  “I love it because I can keep myself accountable while helping others.  Plus, as a health coach, I am earning extra money for my family.”

CONGRATULATIONS Natasha!!  You have lost 100 lbs and won $640; not to mention you have another stream of income now just by helping others!!!  If you would like Natasha to coach you to your weight loss – register today!


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