Lorraine Valdez

Goal: Lose weight and keep it off

Time w/ RightFitt: Multiple Challenges             Achievement: Lost 67 lbs!!


Through my journey I’ve not only lost another whole person (haha), but I have gained so much more!  My lifestyle has completely changed!!  RightFitt taught me so much about nutrition and fitness and it plays a part in my life every single day.
I LOVE THE GYM; I look forward to going!  I became a whole new person.
Even when I slack at going to workout (which happens sometimes of course), I have completely changed my nutrition!  I cook healthy and look for healthiest meals to eat…  I now remember to eat throughout the day.  Yes – I was that person who used to just FORGET to eat… or I was too busy.  Sometimes I would only eat one big dinner…  NOT healthy habits.
Besides the years and pounds – my weight loss journey has brought me my health.  My general health is so much better now – I have tons of energy and I feel GREAT!  I am a hairstylist and I used to go home in pain – legs back shoulder etc. Now I have don’t even experience that anymore!!  NO pain!  AND –  I don’t get sick as often..its just completely changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful for meeting Caley and the RightFitt family! Even being out of the groups that meet up I follow people on fb and instagram and I just live their positive lifes and it keeps me inspired and motivated! 🙂
before and after lorraine
Coached by Caley Carroll