HOLY MOLY – our clients are ROCKIN their body transformations!  So here’s the deal – you guys have 10 weeks from now until the HOLIDAYS!!!  Did anyone want to drop 30+ lbs before then?  Because it’s still possible!!

This is one of our MOST MOTIVATING SEASONS to drop some lbs; so JOIN US!!!  We are starting multiple 8 week challenges NOW!!  Check it out:

Join –

REMOTE – find a group in your hood/city/state and get together weekly to go over our paperwork.  Compete, support and motivate.  OR, just do it on your own and we will hook you up with other remote participants.

NORTHGLENN – Tuesday evenings

ERIE – Friday mornings



THORNTON – Sundays

What will you look like in 8 weeks, and more importantly – HOW WILL YOU FEEL IN 8 WEEKS!!

REGISTER NOW (taking registrants for 2 more weeks…but why wait when you can start today.)


These RightFitt Project Me Challengers did this in 8 amazing weeks of devotion – congrats to all!!!