Even though there is still snow on the ground, Katie is ready for summer – and she is ready from every angle!  For many of us, as summer approaches we dread the thought of shorts, tank tops and swim suits.  We wish we would have worked on ourselves a little bit more throughout the Spring.  But guess what – there is still time to build your 360 confidence.

Katie Coleman, a competitive athlete and Senior at Legacy High School, joined RightFitt in January to get her body in top shape!  Like many young women, she wanted to fine tune her athletic skills AND fine tune her body. “I’ve always been comfortable with my body but I wanted to LOVE my body. I’ve always been skinny, but I wanted to be FITT and healthy.” Coach Caley Carroll was starting another round of Senior Project Mes and saw the drive in Katie to succeed!

Lacrosse practice kept Katie very active, consistently in the gym.  But as we all know, it’s 80% nutrition and 20% fitness.  She was having a difficult time gaining muscle, cutting in toneness and getting FITT.  This can be common in athletes because there is a difficult balance of building and maintaining your muscles, while fueling your workouts.  Caley coached her cellular nutrition and a RightFitt Meal Plan as well as fine tuned a few of her workouts.  Like any habit changes, Katie had to adjust her mindset for success.  ” It was hard at first but once I started getting results I couldn’t stop.”

The program and changes became simple and convenient for Katie to keep up with.  She started building muscle and improving her sports performance.  Not only she did she get faster and more powerful but practice and games became a breeze!  Athletes often don’t know how much energy they are putting out, nor do they realize how much EASIER their sport would be if they had more muscle and better fuel.  Katie, a now well-powered and fueled athlete, has the advantage of feeling incredible on the field and off the field!

“I feel amazing inside and out!”  To top it off, Katie is going to be continuing her Lacrosse career at Regis University!

Congratulations on all of your positive life changes and success Katie!  It was a pleasure working with such a dedicated young athlete!

Katie looks incredible from all 360 degrees and deserves the confidence that partners with it!


To find about getting your own 360 Degree Transformation, email Caley@RightFitt.net or contact your RightFitt Coach!

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