For high school and college athletes, health and fitness is a natural part of everyday life.  Practice times are built in to their schedule.  They know how much to workout and what to do because their coach is guiding them.  If they are lucky, they may even get a little nutrition support from their coach!  OR, more commonly, they can eat whatever they want because they practice SO many hours a week.

see This is all spectacularly fine and dandy while in school, but what happens now that school is out and sports are over?  OR – what about those students that are no longer athletes; how do they control their health?  

source url Are you educated enough and prepared to make good choices throughout the summer to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle?  

Do you know:

– how often to workout?

– what are the important things to accomplish during each workout to maximize your results and minimize your time in gym?

– what good nutrition REALLY is?

– how to keep your metabolism running as high as possible?


Some are more proactive than others.  Take Sydney – she came to me in February in preparation for her final year as Horizon’s Varsity Soccer Team Captain.  She made the decision to make sure she was correctly and positively managing her health to get the most out of her soccer season, to prepare for summer and college, and to make sure she had complete control over healthy nutrition and living!  That is one smart 18 year old!!!

After 8 short weeks, Sydney gained the knowledge and tools to stay healthy and fit throughout college!  Check out her Project ME!!

Project Time: 8 Weeks

Sydney Atkinson, captain of the Horizon soccer team, came to us 8 weeks before season.  Although she was fit and strong, she wanted to increase her sports performance by slightly changing her body composition.


Increase sports performance; gain speed; increase muscle while cutting fat.

source url Project ME:

Nutrition, Extra Protein, Challenging Workout Program, Weekly Personal Training Program


Think weight is everything?  Think again!  Although Sydney didn’t lose a lb, check out her results.

Lost 4.4% body fat

Increased muscle mass by 2.8%


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