October ClientFest – Featuring Gitza Sheehan

Arvada, CO

Goal: Feel Healthier

Time w/ RightFitt: 1 Year             Achievement: Lost 10 lbs; Feel Great


I started coming to RightFitt’s boot camp classes last fall with my husband, Kelly.I weighed 162 pounds and felt like I needed to make some positive changes.  Over the last year I exercised with RightFitt once or twice a week.  I started the nutrition plan 6 months ago.  I found that doing the one shake ‘maintenance plan’ worked best for my lifestyle.  On this Herbalife maintenance plan taking one shake in the morning and herbal tea after lunch, I found that the weight naturally came off with no real diet change!  The shakes make a delicious breakfast and I avoid my normal coffee and 500 calorie muffin or breakfast burritos.  I Just recently did the 21 day cleansing program (it works gently and I have managed to lose more weight and inches around my core area)  I am 152lbs – 10 pounds lighter!! I have lost fat and inches around my core area, built muscle, and increased my stamina and endurance.

This is me last July 2011 on a trip to south Dakota.










In 2012, I accomplish my goal to enter the Denver Rock & Rock 1/2 marathon. 13.1 miles 2.hrs 58 min. 9-22-12 Finishing was the icing on the cake.  YEAH I DID IT!  

For the first time in many years I am wearing a
bikini and I am feeling SEXY!! 
But Where is my butt? Well..we will have to work on butt lift exercises!.

Thank You Caley-RightFitt, and Herbalife products for making it happen.

COACHED BY: Caley Carroll – caley@RightFitt.net