Last month was a DELIGHT running so much 😉  If you played along, you should have trimmed quite a few inches around your core.

Now it is time to get those abs settled in!!  Remember that we are rocking a ‘Six Pack Summer’ which means a group of us will be taking a picture with our professional photograher poolside to show off those cut in muscles!  This is open to any RightFitt members doing any of our workouts and our nutrition so GET TO WORK!!!

Here is our mission this month which includes abs abs and MORE abs!!!


General Layout literature review questions 20 Reps of any exercise = 1 Point

You need to get the listed number of points for each exercise by the end of the month.  This means you can do a few abs everyday or you could do a lot of abs less days a week.  I also included a couple suggested schedules to complete all of your points.  Every time you complete your pts for the day, simply ‘check in’ at RightFitt on Facebook and let us know how many pts you got for the day!  Easy Schmeasy!

Exercises Required and Number of Points Associated:

Sit Ups = 56

In and Outs = 56

Mason Twists = 56

3 Pulse Crunches = 28

V Ups = 28

Laying Bicycles = 28

Hollow Rocks = 28

Fifer Kicks = 28

Crunch Wobbles (Heel Touches) = 28

Print the above exercises off – give youself 1 tally mark every time you to 20 reps of that exercise.  By the end of the month you should have that number of tally marks next to each one 😉

go site BONUS EXERCISES  (b/c I am SO nice!)  

Hanging Knees to elbows or Toes Ups = 5

Hanging Windshield Wipers = 5

Sprints = 2 (yes that = 40 sprints total)

Oblique Drops = 5

go site Suggesed Calendar do my assignemnt write my paper For Abs Every Day

Do this every day:

Sit Ups = 56

In and Outs = 56

Mason Twists = 56

20 3 Pulse Crunches 

20 Sit Ups

20 V Ups 

20 In and Outs

20 Laying Bicycles 

20 Mason Twists

20 Hollow Rocks 

20 Sit Ups

20 Fifer Kicks

20 In and Outs

20 Crunch Wobbles (Heel Touches) 

20 Mason Twists 

For Abs Less Often but Longer Workout

Do 100 reps of each exercise (5 pts each) and 100 extra reps of the Sit Ups, In and Outs, Mason Twists (so you will get 10 pts for those ones)

Do this 1 time every 5 days and you will only have a few reps left. 

Break It Up

Do 20 Sit Ups, In and Outs and Mason Twists in the morning and before you go to bed.

Do the other 6 exercises 5 days a week and do 30 reps of each.


I DARE you to join our Six Pack Summer on line and post a pic of your core side by side for the next 4 weeks – starting with NOW – post and say “Before June Challenge Pic”


Here is the PT system for the Six Pack Summer Challenge – you can incorporate sprints/song to get your pts by doing the above exercises OR you get 2 pts each day when you complete your abover workouts!