Wam Bam Thank You Mam!?  We got some free stuff rockin at RightFitt through the holidays!!!  What’s that mean?  Check it:

1.) Free Saturdays Get FITT!!

Bring a friend new to RightFitt and your class is FREE!!!   Any and every Saturday!  We are ready to grow and ready to grow FAST so we need YOU!!  Get free Saturday classes all year by just introducing a few new friends to the fun of RightFitt!

2.) Free November

You + 5 friends = free classes all November!  Yeah that’s right.  Just find 5 friends new to RightFitt.  Come as a group and your classes are free for the entire month of November – all of them!!!  You down?  Show up to any class w/ 5 friends and we will get it in the books. 😉

3.) Free Unlimited Classes until 2013!

This is a no brainer – have you guys seen the pics from the conference we just went to?  Well it is anything but work.  Fun followed by fun followed by awesomeness…SO – this just in!!!  The next conference is in DENVER!!!   January 19th!   Here is the gig.  Get your next ticket to the Denver “Spectacular” and get FREE RIGHTFITT CLASSES UNTIL 2013!  (must be under the RightFitt organization) Ask your coach how to take advantage of this incredible deal!!  You Are Welcome!!!

Fill out my online form.
If you elect to come to Spectacular – check out the types of fun we have!!