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“The results are 1000x better than I would have thought.  Those 8 weeks changed my life and opened me up to a whole new world of being healthy and fit which I really loved.”

Thuc Tran joined RightFitt in June 2013 as a ProjectMe™.  Going into her Junior year of college, she wanted to lose all of her ‘partying weight’ from the past year. “I wasn’t comfortable in my body any more and my clothes didn’t fit. For the first time in my life I wasn’t happy about how I looked and didn’t feel good naked.”  As she came in for her check ins, we were continuously surprised at her weight loss and muscle gain.  She wanted to continue getting results but didn’t want to get skinny or ‘lose her butt’.  We kicked up her workouts a notch and stayed consistent with her nutrition and the results were fantastic!



Thuc Tran (20 yrs old)

Particpated in ProjectMe™
Coached by Caley Carroll   (Caley@RightFitt.net)

8-week Results:

      • Kicked her smoking habit  (in the first two weeks)
      • Lost 14 lbs
      • Lost 5% body fat
      • Her tone completely intensified (look at her quads in the before and after pic)


Now Thuc is staying involved by coaching others to reach their health goals!