October ClientFest – Featuring Andy Passen

Erie, CO

Goal: Lose 50 lbs

Time on Program: 1.5 Years             Achievement: Lost 70 lbs

A little over a year ago I was taking boot camp classes with RightFitt, slowly trying to bring down my weight.  Unfortunately, I had ‘dieted’ my way up to 280lbs.  I heard about this weight loss challenge that was only $35 for 12 weeks.  This intrigued me, especially because there was a prospect of winning cash.

Over the next 3 months, I learned a lot of helpful nutritional information.  I felt more in control of my diet and lost over 20 lbs throughout the first challenge.  I won 3rd place and wanted to do more!

Since then I have joined 4 challenges.  I am down 70lbs, and I’ve won quite a few prizes and $$.   I enjoy my meals and they are easy to manage.  I’ve recently been working on putting on more muscle and toning my core.

Thanks to these great programs, I am proud to say that I am now below my high school weight!!  I feel great!