Kourtney Palmer came to me recently because she was ready for a change.  I never knew how ready she was for a change.

Take a look at her journey – I am sure many of you can relate.

Kourtney Palmer – 38lbs Lost; Quit Smoking; Gained CONFIDENCE

Ever since I can remember I was always the “big “girl. In school I was always taller and bigger than my classmates, even the boys so you can only imagine what that was like. Let’s just say kids were harsh. Unfortunately, my parents never enforced good nutrition either. I grew up drinking pop, eating chips, and fast food was a regular thing for my family. I remember one specific even that I will never forget. I was 11 years old and we were at David’s Bridal trying on dresses for a wedding. When I tried mine on it wouldn’t zip. Everyone was outside of the dressing room waiting for me but I refused to get out saving myself the embarrassment especially because my older sister was out there and was much smaller than me. I always wanted to look like her. Why wasn’t I blessed with her genes?  At one point I convinced myself there was nothing I could do and I began to form bad habits. I started smoking at the age of 13, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and I wasn’t being very nice to my body. In high school my friends would call me a “giant” because I was so tall and bigger than them. They thought it was funny and I just laughed along but inside I was crying. I never shared clothes with my friends because they were always too small, I hated being in pictures with them and self-esteem was nonexistent. I didn’t get involved in sports because I feared rejection. When I was 16 I got a job at McDonalds. You can only imagine what happened then. Free meals while I was on the clock. Why not?

I met my boyfriend through my brother before I graduated high school. Nick is older than me but I remember being so excited that he was interested in me because he was the “popular” kid when he was in high school. I started working at Alliance Data. It’s a call center atmosphere so all I did was sitting all day. The pounds just added on. Eventually, nick and I moved in together. I didn’t know how to cook so we ate out every night. Again, the pounds added on. I didn’t even want to look in the mirror anymore. Poor nick had to listen to me complain everyday about my weight. I was willing to do everything to lose weight (except eat right and exercise). I tried diet pills that made me sick and fad diets that didn’t work. I took a nutrition class in college as a prerequisite for nursing school. It made me realize that what I was doing was really bad but I still lacked the motivation to change my life.

I woke up one day, looked at myself and said “Kourtney, you are 21 years old. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. You know what to do so do it. Do you want to be unhappy forever? Do you want to look back one day and regret this”? So I quit smoking and contacted Nick’s cousin Caley because I heard about her company Rightfitt. I met with Caley and she gave me a nutrition plan and introduced me to Herbalife. I was immediately hooked on Herbalife and so was Nick. I started to exercise 4 days a week at school and at Rightfitt. I made my schedule to where it forced me to work out.

So here I am today 38 pounds less, smoke free and happier than ever. Nick and I still use Herbalife and workout 6 days a week. I try to encourage my friends, coworkers and family members to lead a healthier lifestyle. I love talking about nutrition. Once I’m on the subject I won’t stop. I’m still not done though. My quest for weight loss continues but my journey on the path to healthy living will never end.

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