Coach Taunya

Taunya started with Rightfitt in the fall of 2013 as a client realizing yo yo dieting was no way to live. She was unhealthy and uncomfortable in her own skin and doing way more damage to her body than she even knew. She found Rightfitt by seeking out the some of the options that have worked for her in the past.  By joining Rightfitt with a Weight Loss Challenge losing 14 lbs in 8 weeks; she learned what proper nutrition is, how to work out for her fitness level, and how to maintain that motivation to keep her accountable with an amazing support group in the Rightfitt community. Becoming a coach has been life changing for her and many others; she is known to be the coach who takes the extra time to ask how you are doing mentally and physically as well as truly care about every step of your journey, she will try to find humor in any situation; what’s a journey without laughter?  She has found the extra motivation to continue meet her goals and make new ones by asking people to join her on her journey.  #Powerinnumbers! #Slowandsteadywinstherace! Dissertation Francais Bac

About Taunya

My Weight Loss Journey
Her weight loss journey is unique, going from being the super skinny size 0 girl before having her son to the girl who had clothes ranging from 8-14 in her closet. Growing up she was never taught about proper nutrition or how to exercise to take off the baby weight it just kept piling on. With the weight came major health problems followed by stress and debt from all of the various health problems.

cultural anthropology masters thesis For 17 years she had felt sick and tired. The natural answer to her weight problems was to go back to what had worked in the past, but it never stuck with due to the lack of support. In 2009-2012 she went through a series of life struggles that included her own surgeries, ending an engagement,  caring for her mother with stage 4 lung cancer battle and losing her, taking in her 4 year old nephew, as well as losing her grandmother a year after her mother.  At 185 (pushing size 14-16) she decided enough was enough and made it a personal goal to not be the ‘Fat’ mom at her son’s high school graduation.  Joining a weight loss challenge with Rightfitt changed her life. She hit a small set back in 2013 when her fibromyalgia and thyroid condition escalated and was required to go on meds to control it. Unfortunately the meds caused rapid weight gain and she was almost back to square 1 gaining most of the weight back; thanks to the tools she learned in the Weight Loss Challenge she was able manage her weight within reason. Doctors had required her to start all of these horrible meds and she was back to sick and tired, feeling depressed and miserable; don’t let the doctors fool you all of these drugs can make you feel worse instead of better! In October 2013 she found a set of doctors who shared the same goal of getting her off the meds and finding natural ways to manage body pain and exhaustion. This meant she could re-join her Rightfitt family and work on herself and the original she set out. She joined Projectme in January and In June of 2014 she was able to attend her son’s graduation at a size 10 and 158lbs.  Because the Fibromyalgia and thyroid slow down her weight loss this is a major accomplishment. During Taunya’s journey with Rightfitt she was able to lean on the amazing support group and friends she has made to help keep her on track and motivated!

Still on her journey she is currently down to a size 8 (151lbs) has a new goal; to be a fit and healthy bride in 2015! #Fittbride #Iwanttobearoundformyfamily!  

What Make's Her a BA Coach
HUMOR! There is humor in everything and it makes our lives full and happy! Taking the stress out of something so important makes it so much easier to obtain! assignment code As someone who has truly struggled most of her life with weight she is beyond excited to share her knowledge, smile and be your biggest cheerleader in your journey weather it’s losing weight, putting on muscle or just wanting to change to a healthier life style.  This is not a hobby but a new and exciting passion for Taunya!

Fun Facts...for fun
My one and only son is 18 years old and he is super proud and supportive of his mom!

I am a self-proclaimed music junkie, seriously I should be on a game show.

I was in jazz choir, cheerleading and soccer in high school

My fiancé and I have known each other for 10 years not counting the few times we met in high school. He is the love of my life.

My 2 rescue dogs are my babies in the house. I don’t want to have any more children but maybe I’ll adopt one more puppy.

I love my day job!?!


How She Spends Her Time

Coaching Coaches 42%
Running RightFitt 34%
Coaching Clients 16%
Having Fun 100%