Here are some pics from my past to show all of the phases of MY MANY WEIGHTS!! You guys share your before and afters – it’s only fair you see mine (and their are some AWESOME ones lol).

Phase ONE – Young Athlete

This is me in high school and college – ps – I STRUGGLED to keep at this weight…. when you are an athlete and then you stop practicing 25 hours a week, it’s a little difficult to figure out how to keep at your goal weight…


High School / College Weight – 140-145 lbs


Phase TWO – In Love 

Then I met the love of my life and what better to do than EAT EAT EAT!!!  I tried to find better pics but I was in baggy jeans and a t shirt for a year so you can never see my added 20lbs….

Dating = Eating = 163lbs

Phase THREE – Trying to Drop 10lbs for the Wedding

After he popped the questions I took a look in the mirror for wedding prep and realized all of the weight I had gained!  I worked my butt off for 9 months and barely took off 10 of the 20 lb gain.  Here’s is my ‘success’ after my wedding….these are my for real honeymoon pics…best I looked ‘Pre-RightFitt’ ouch…

Without RightFitt, it was a CHALLENGE to drop 10lbs and get to this point (153lbs) …I didn’t think I would ever be ‘athletic’ again…


Phase FOUR – Babies

And then – BAM – we started a family…this does wonders on your body – right!!??   I got up to almost 180 lbs and was definitely ‘eating for two’…as you can see, so was my husband!


Don’t be jealous of my sexy post baby body lol. 160-180lbs


Phase FIVE – RightFitt

After my son was born in 2006, I decided that I was going to GET HEALTHY!  I didn’t like when other moms would use their babies as an excuse to hold onto extra weight and I HATED when someone would say, “You look great; for having 2 kids.”  Shut up!  I want to look great kids or no kids!  So I took over my own health.  I knew that I would be more dedicated if I had to be a leader so I got my group exercise certification.  It took about a year to figure out that people don’t like being yelled at in a class or being tricked into doing more reps – they want to exercise, feel good and HAVE FUN!  My classes started rockin…then finally I added the most incredible nutrition to my program and – BAM – it was SOOOOOO EASY to get results!

I’m pretty sure I’m more tone now than I was as a gymnast…the funny thing is that I work out about 4 hours a week at MOST and I never struggle with food.  

So if you think I haven’t had to lose 10lbs, 20 lbs, 30 lbs or 40 lbs – YOU’RE WRONG!!

 I have lost it time and time again 😉

 Thanks for listening – I would be honored to coach you to YOUR goal body and confidence!
Don’t sell yourself short – anything is possible!