Weight Loss 0 to 20lbs

Healthy Life

Gitza Sheehan
Arvada, CO
Goal: Lose 12 lbs
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 Week Trasformation & Now Lifestyle         Achievement: Lost 8 lbs in Challenge; Completed 1/2 Marathon

http://utdallas.lambdaphiepsilon.com/microsoft-office-powerpoint-2010-64-bit/ Gitza came to RightFitt to find good habits and more energy.  She found both in addition to a love of our SKIN line and the motivation to do a 1/2 marathon!  Gitza shares her story through […]

Is Your Family the Excuse… or the REASON?

Tammy Edelen
Thornton, CO
Goal: Get off the sugar and the soda; feel stronger and lose weight
Time w/ RightFitt: 1.5 years             Achievement: Lost 13 lbs and 16 inches. Changed nutrition habits

http://narm.web-flair.com/dnb-thesis-submission-challan/ So you have kids… you have a husband or wife… you have sports… you have practices… you have work… all of your money needs […]

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone & Into Your Confidence!

Felicia Reedy
Thornton, CO
Goal: Feel confident.
Time w/ RightFitt: Multiple Challenges & Lifetime Commitment!         Achievement: Lost over 50lbs; COMPLETE Transformation inside and out!

Felicia’s story is an inspiration to all… She came into RightFitt at a difficult time in her life.  Although she had an athletic physique growing up, she found herself slipping into bad habits in her late 20s… and bad habits […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Amanda Pollock
Superior, CO
Goal: Feel better in my clothes and find more self confidence
Time w/ RightFitt: 2 years of moderate lifestyle change!         Achievement: Lost 20lbs and 10% Body Fat

Amanda joined RightFitt in 2013 and decided to kick it off with an 8 week focused Weight Loss Challenge.  She wanted the accountability and looked forward weekly workouts and […]

Busy Moms Need Energy!!

Barb Armstong
Henderson, CO
Goal: Change the way my body feels
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 week transformation          Achievement: 10.2 lbs lost; 9.3% Body Fat Lost

Like many of you, Barb watched RightFitt from afar for years and years!  She saw transformation story after transformation story; result after result… but for some reason, she wasn’t ready yet…. until June 2015.

Barb decided to give […]

Nutrition for Running

Bret Naber
Greeley, CO
Goal: Add muscle, improve athletic performance
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 week transformation, long term client             Achievement: PR’d in multiple races

Bret joined a RightFitt challenge after watching his wife defeat the struggles of weight loss.  Bret is a competitive runner and was already fit, but was looking to add some muscle and improve his racing times.  Being […]

Athletes Need Great Nutrition

Robin Bourdeau
Arlington, VA
Goal: Lose weight, find great nutrition, support athletic perfomances
Time w/ RightFitt: 12 Weeks             Achievement: Down over 25 lbs and Running Faster!

Robin joined through RightFitt’s 3 day challenge because she saw a post that intrigued her.  She previously had coached Caley at Thornton Tumblers and thought it would be fun have her old ‘student’ as […]