Vacation Giveaway Transformation Challenge

NOW BOARDING! The Challenge that will TRANSFORM you and TRANSPORT you! We work hard and we PLAY HARD!

Buy Essays Online Construction Safety Join our upcoming challenge and qualify to WIN A VACATION in more ways than one!! WHAAATT!! Get in shape… lose weight… add muscle… get FITT and then I could WIN A TRIP! Yep! That’s right!

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How does it work?
Join by saying YES to […]

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8th Annual Holiday Hold’Em Challenge

Stay on track this holiday season with your Fitt Family!  For 8 years we have helped people enjoy their holidays without packing on the lbs!    

click The holidays are upon us again!  Naturally this means more functions, parties, shopping, dining out… and FOOD!!
Each year, RightFitt helps our clients stay on track through our Holiday Hold Em Challenge.  How does it […]

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May At-Home Fitt Challenge – RUN!!!

It’s that time of the year!  Time to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine.  Time to MOVE!!!
Every May we do an At-Home Fitt Challenge where we join up with some friends, create a team and see how far we can move together!!  Most of us choose to build a running team; but if you have a […]

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62 lb Weight Loss… But Who’s Counting!?

Sharel C.
Windsor, CO
Goal: Keep Up w/ My Kids and Be Around for a LONG Time
Time w/ RightFitt: 1 Year         Achievement: Lost 64 lbs

Sharel’s Story – Straight from the source!!

I was an active kid, growing up on a farm/ranch and playing sports. My Mom is an amazing cook, and she prepared hearty meals for a hardworking husband and […]

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45 LB Weight Loss and a BIG GRIN!

Autumn Baker
Thornton, CO
Goal: Change her lifestyle
Time w/ RightFitt: Mutliple RightFitt Challenges         Achievement: Lost 45lbs & 45 inches

We are so excited to share Autumn’s results, not only because of her weight loss results, BUT LOOK AT THAT SMILE!

After seeing several posts from coach Taunya Brackeens weight loss, Autumn decided it was time to take control over her life.  It starts […]

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Healthy Life

Gitza Sheehan
Arvada, CO
Goal: Lose 12 lbs
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 Week Trasformation & Now Lifestyle         Achievement: Lost 8 lbs in Challenge; Completed 1/2 Marathon

Gitza came to RightFitt to find good habits and more energy.  She found both in addition to a love of our SKIN line and the motivation to do a 1/2 marathon!  Gitza shares her story through […]

Getting a Six Pack – One Week Results

#RightFittAbs Challenge One Week CHECK IN!!
Hey all!  Caley here and it’s ACCOUNTABILITY TIME!! Here are my one week results for our #rightfittabs Challenge.  Posting results keep me on my toes! We all put in $10 and are competing against ourselves to complete a select ab set for 35 days in a row!!  I added the additional ‘nutrition challenge’ which gives […]

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