Step Out of Your Comfort Zone & Into Your Confidence!

Felicia Reedy
Thornton, CO
Goal: Feel confident.
Time w/ RightFitt: Multiple Challenges & Lifetime Commitment!         Achievement: Lost over 50lbs; COMPLETE Transformation inside and out!

Felicia’s story is an inspiration to all… She came into RightFitt at a difficult time in her life.  Although she had an athletic physique growing up, she found herself slipping into bad habits in her late 20s… and bad habits […]

Nutrition for Running

Bret Naber
Greeley, CO
Goal: Add muscle, improve athletic performance
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 week transformation, long term client             Achievement: PR’d in multiple races

Bret joined a RightFitt challenge after watching his wife defeat the struggles of weight loss.  Bret is a competitive runner and was already fit, but was looking to add some muscle and improve his racing times.  Being […]

Athletes Need Great Nutrition

Robin Bourdeau
Arlington, VA
Goal: Lose weight, find great nutrition, support athletic perfomances
Time w/ RightFitt: 12 Weeks             Achievement: Down over 25 lbs and Running Faster!

Robin joined through RightFitt’s 3 day challenge because she saw a post that intrigued her.  She previously had coached Caley at Thornton Tumblers and thought it would be fun have her old ‘student’ as […]

Personalized Fitt Coaches Deliver Results – Jaclyn Hart

Jacyln Hart
Castle Rock, CO
Goal: Prove all previous trainers and coaches wrong and get the results she DESERVES!!
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 Weeks             Achievement: Finally found the answer!!  Toning, Trimming and Show Prep!!

Jaclyn Hart came to Coach Caley completely frustrated and willing to try anything.  She had been ‘training for a fitness show’ for years […]

Kourtney P. – 55lb Loss and CONFIDENCE Gained!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered –

“What happen?  My clothes don’t fit.  I don’t feel good.  I’m tired… and over it.”

This is not an uncommon realization.  Little by little it adds up….

Kourtney came to RightFitt in 2013 wanting to make a LIFE CHANGE!

From 190lbs down to 135!!!  Check out her results!



Ever since I can remember I […]

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Kathryn Williams – Getting Fit at 50

Kathryn Williams
Boulder, Co
Goal: Be Happy!!              

Accomplishment: That and SO much more!!
8-Week Results:

Lost 18 lbs
Lost 9% body fat
Gained 8 lbs of muscle
Regained Energy

“In November 2012 I was introduced to RightFitt. After my first week, I lost 6 pounds! I had never experienced such huge success in weight loss ever!”
As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I’ve […]

Building Muscle through Good Nutrition – Lexie White

When you think of RightFitt do you just think of weight loss?  Well you shouldn’t!  We also work with clients and athletes to add muscle and change body composition!  Check out Lexie White’s story!  She came to us in January 2012 and was introduced to our nutrition program and at-home fitness.  Throughout the year she was able to tailor […]