Your Success is Their Success Misty Vander
Arvada, CO
Goal: Lose Weight 

source url Time w/ RightFitt: 8 Weeks             Achievement: Lost 23 lbs; less cranky & tired!!

When Misty joined RightFitt and entered her first challenges… the FIRST challenge was finding the time!  She is a Manager at an assisted living facility and works around her 2 small children!  She made the commitment to spend […]

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Is Your Family the Excuse… or the REASON?

Tammy Edelen
Thornton, CO
Goal: Get off the sugar and the soda; feel stronger and lose weight
Time w/ RightFitt: 1.5 years             Achievement: Lost 13 lbs and 16 inches. Changed nutrition habits

click So you have kids… you have a husband or wife… you have sports… you have practices… you have work… all of your money needs […]

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Athletes Need Great Nutrition

Robin Bourdeau
Arlington, VA
Goal: Lose weight, find great nutrition, support athletic perfomances
Time w/ RightFitt: 12 Weeks             Achievement: Down over 25 lbs and Running Faster!

follow link Robin joined through RightFitt’s 3 day challenge because she saw a post that intrigued her.  She previously had coached Caley at Thornton Tumblers and thought it would be fun have her old ‘student’ as […]

Personalized Fitt Coaches Deliver Results – Jaclyn Hart

Jacyln Hart
Castle Rock, CO
Goal: Prove all previous trainers and coaches wrong and get the results she DESERVES!!
Time w/ RightFitt: 8 Weeks             Achievement: Finally found the answer!!  Toning, Trimming and Show Prep!!

Jaclyn Hart came to Coach Caley completely frustrated and willing to try anything.  She had been ‘training for a fitness show’ for years […]

Become Accountable for your Weight Loss

Get FITT – Stay FITT
So you worked your butt off through your RightFitt workout and nutrition program.  You lost X lbs, feel great, and you delivered fantastic results – NOW WHAT!?  How do you stay motivated every day to make great choices?

One way we stay motivated is by GETTING INVOLVED.  Join another challenge, help run a challenge, or best […]

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Kathryn Williams – Getting Fit at 50

Kathryn Williams
Boulder, Co
Goal: Be Happy!!              

Accomplishment: That and SO much more!!
8-Week Results:

Lost 18 lbs
Lost 9% body fat
Gained 8 lbs of muscle
Regained Energy

“In November 2012 I was introduced to RightFitt. After my first week, I lost 6 pounds! I had never experienced such huge success in weight loss ever!”
As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I’ve […]

2012 Weight Loss Stories – Koni

Over the course of the year, RightFitt coaches helped their clients all around the world to lose well over 1500 lbs!  Our personalized coaching in both fitness and nutrition has made it easy to get remarkable results!  This week we will be featuring one weight loss transformation story a day to highlight some of the hard work of our […]

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