Step Out of Your Comfort Zone & Into Your Confidence!

follow link Felicia Reedy
Thornton, CO
Goal: Feel confident.
Time w/ RightFitt: Multiple Challenges & Lifetime Commitment!         Achievement: Lost over 50lbs; COMPLETE Transformation inside and out!

Felicia’s story is an inspiration to all… She came into RightFitt at a difficult time in her life.  Although she had an athletic physique growing up, she found herself slipping into bad habits in her late 20s… and bad habits […]

Become Accountable for your Weight Loss

see Get FITT – Stay FITT
So you worked your butt off through your RightFitt workout and nutrition program.  You lost X lbs, feel great, and you delivered fantastic results – NOW WHAT!?  How do you stay motivated every day to make great choices? One way we stay motivated is by GETTING INVOLVED.  Join another challenge, help run a challenge, or best […]

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Kathryn Williams – Getting Fit at 50

go Kathryn Williams
Boulder, Co
Goal: Be Happy!!       Accomplishment: That and SO much more!!
8-Week Results:

Lost 18 lbs
Lost 9% body fat
Gained 8 lbs of muscle
Regained Energy

“In November 2012 I was introduced to RightFitt. After my first week, I lost 6 pounds! I had never experienced such huge success in weight loss ever!”
As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I’ve […]