Barb Armstong

Henderson, CO

enter site Goal: Change the way my body feels

Research Papers On Law Time w/ RightFitt: 8 week transformation          Achievement: 10.2 lbs lost; 9.3% Body Fat Lost

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Like many of you, Barb watched RightFitt from afar for years and years!  She saw transformation story after transformation story; result after result… but for some reason, she wasn’t ready yet…. until June 2015.

Barb decided to give it THREE DAYS… ‘Why not give anything a shot for 3 days…”  She joined in on a couple workouts and enjoyed the energy and culture.  After 3 days she started to understand what the buzz was about.  She felt better; had more energy.  She wasn’t concerned about weight loss but just wanted to FEEL GOOD!

And then something wonderful happened….time passed and a new routine naturally began to evolve.  She enjoyed workouts, so she attended more.  She LOVED her shakes, so she drank more.  Her vitamins increased her energy and she didn’t want to miss them!

When her coach, Caley Carroll, asked to do her final stats, she still wasn’t directly thinking about weight loss, but knew she just felt better.  We were excited to see that she lost over 10lbs, 15 inches and 9% body fat!  Her metabolic age decreased by 21 years and she could feel the changes!  Finally they reviewed her side by side pictures and they knew the story would inspire others.

Coach Caley says, “The best thing about Barbs story is that she just took everything at her pace….finding her healthy routine… she wasn’t torturing herself or dieting; she was finding fun and friends!”


Barb reports: I did not initially get into RightFitt for the weight loss , I really just wanted to change the way my body felt.  But the changes that came from my discipline and the routine were FAR more than I could have dreamed for .  I do not want to change from my new routine of working out and having my shakes. .  It’s so easy I don’t know why it took me so long to get to this point , but for whatever reason I am here and I want to help any and everyone feel this way .

My life has changed  so much.   I have endless amounts of energy when I am committed to my nutrition and vitamins.  I can totally tell when I miss one or the other.  And with that I want to help other people feel this way.  My friends, family and strangers that have a drive to feel more energy in their busy crazy lives .   

It's so easy I don't know why it took me so long to get to this point , but for whatever reason I am here and I want to help any and everyone feel this way .

source Moms need energy… Moms of ACTIVE children need BOATLOADS OF ENERGY!!  Barb found what she was looking for with her new RightFitt family and can’t wait to share with others!

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