Get FITT – Stay FITT

So you worked your butt off through your RightFitt workout and nutrition program.  You lost X lbs, feel great, and you delivered fantastic results – NOW WHAT!?  How do you stay motivated every day to make great choices?

One way we stay motivated is by GETTING INVOLVED.  Join another challenge, help run a challenge, or best yet

Become a Coach!!!

Coach Janae is a perfect example of this process.  She came to RightFitt as a client in November of 2011.  After working through her targeted program she lost 15lbs and changed some SERIOUS habits!!   At her new-found weight (which surpassed her goal by the way), she thought she would have been satisfied…but she found herself wanting even MORE results!  SO WHAT DID SHE DO?

She joined us and became a FITT Coach.  She found that when she started coaching others to their goals, she had even more incentive to continue getting personal results.  Over the past year, Janae has completely transformed her habits.  She makes healthy choices and enjoys her nutrition and fitness!  Not to mention the handfuls of people she is now coaching to a new lifestyle!

Check out Janae’s results as she has stepped into the role of one of RightFitt’s hottest TOP coaches!!  Watch out Greeley and North Denver ~ she is going to be spreading the health faster than you can say HOT DAMN!!

Congratulations on all of your hard work Janae.  Check out her coaches page HERE and contact her today to get your own FITT results!!