Robin Bourdeau

Arlington, VA

source site follow link Goal: Lose weight, find great nutrition, support athletic perfomances

Time w/ RightFitt: 12 Weeks             Achievement: Down over 25 lbs and Running Faster!


Robin joined through RightFitt’s 3 day challenge because she saw a post that intrigued her.  She previously had coached Caley at Thornton Tumblers and thought it would be fun have her old ‘student’ as her new coach!  Caley was excited at the opportunity when Robin accepted the #321FittChallenge.
Right off the bat, Robin was excited for results and asked her daughter, Bethanie, to join along from New York.  She also had a couple running friends give it a try!  In only 3 short days, Robin could see her lifestyle changing.  Craving were being curbed and trainings felt better!  Even though she runs and workouts regularly as an athlete, she wanted to lose over 15 lbs and find balance in her nutrition.
Robin started with the ‘Crush the Coach’ Accountability Challenge and literally CRUSHED IT!!  Completely focused, she quickly started to change habits.  Small nutritional changes day by day delivered great results!

After she lost her first 10 lbs, Robin was ready for her next challenge.  She started on multiple other nutrition products including our ATHLETE line and got even further results!

Let’s see some of her comments!

September 25th – “I am lovin it.  We ran sprints tonight and I was feeling like just doing an eay run instead but when I realized that I was actually running easy faster than y push a month ago, it sparked me up.  I feel great!”
October 8th “I don’t know what feedback you’ve gotten on the CR7 but I love it.  I also figured out to take prepare about an hour before runs.  Hill sprints tonight felt AWESOME…..totally awesome.”
October 10th – “Thanks Caley.  I’m down 15 lbs but I’m back into nearly all of my skinny clothes.  I feel strong!  I feel healthy… I’m running faster.  Doing all my push ups in plank position etc.  What an amazing difference!!!!!  I’m definitely sold!”
Robin continues to join multiple challenges to add variety and motivation. PLUS she is inviting her friends and family in on the fun!  Coach Caley is so proud of all that she has accomplished and RightFitt can’t wait to watch her full journey – Race… after race!!

I'm down 25 lbs now! Love the 24 and cr7 drive. Beat my personal record in the last half marathon by 7'20... Feel great. Mentally better too. Lots of energy. Signed up and training for a full marathon now. People can totally see a difference!.

source site It takes one step in the right direction!  Not only can you achieve long lasting results – but RightFitt is FUN!!  We love to watch how each client motivates others by being an incredible example – always getting after it!!  Congrats Robin!!

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