Stay on track this holiday season with your Fitt Family!  For 8 years we have helped people enjoy their holidays without packing on the lbs!    

holiday Hold Em

follow site get link The holidays are upon us again!  Naturally this means more functions, parties, shopping, dining out… follow site and FOOD!!

Custom Research Paper Writing Services Each year, RightFitt helps our clients stay on track through our Holiday Hold Em Challenge.  How does it work?  SIMPLE!!

1.) Weigh in with your Fitt Coach and give them $30 cash.  (If you live in another location, send your coach a pic of your feet on the scale)

2.) Chat with your coach about a plan to stay on top of your nutrition and fitness through the holidays.

3.) Optional ‘Holiday Survival Kit’ to help you stay on track nutritionallyHoliday Survival Kit

4.) RE Weigh in between January 2nd – January 9th.  If you DON’T gain any weight, get your $$$ back!  If you do gain even 1lb – you LOSE your $$$!

5.) If you are local to CO – come to our JANUARY KICK OFF PARTY on January 9th.

Holiday Hold’em Registration
RightFitt’s 8th Annual Holiday Hold’em Tournament is a fun way to stay motivated over the Holidays!  You put $30 into the prize pot and weigh in with a coach before Thanksgiving.  Weight out again after the holidays and you win your $$ back if you don’t gain any weight!  Win MORE $$ if you lose!  



Up the Ante Abs

up the ante absThis year, some of us wanted to kick it up a notch with some serious abs work!  YEAAAHHHH!   How do I join Caley??!!  SIMPLE!

1.) Pay $10 Entry Fee below; Fill out above form so I can send you the abs workout.

2.) Do the emailed ab set EVERY SINGLE DAY starting Black Friday and finishing New Years Eve.

3.) Check in on facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY when you complete it.  (simply write on your time line and check in or tag

4.) YOU CAN’T MISS A SINGLE DAY!  The day you miss is the day you lose your $$$.  The people that make it to the end get to SHARE THE $$$ in the pot!!

5.) Must come to the January Kick Off Party December 31st to get your winnings! (Unless you are remote)


PAY BELOW and you will receive an email soon with instructions!