Amanda Pollock

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master thesis purchasing Livehomeworkhelp Net Goal: Feel better in my clothes and find more self confidence

watch Time w/ RightFitt: 2 years of moderate lifestyle change!         Achievement: Lost 20lbs and 10% Body Fat

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Amanda joined RightFitt in 2013 and decided to kick it off with an 8 week focused Weight Loss Challenge.  She wanted the accountability and looked forward weekly workouts and nutrition topics.  Her boyfriend came along to support her and they found it was a great healthy social environment.
Amanda's Initial 8 Week Results

Amanda’s Initial 8 Week Results

It didn’t stop here!  Amanda found that she loved the challenge environment and found that they kept her on track so she joined them back to back!  Many clients find that the accountability of weekly meetings and optional workouts are the way to go!  Her healthy nutrition and fitness routine started to become a regular habit!!  They slowly started making changes and it was these little adjustments that eventually turned into long term results. “It’s like when we started using greek yogurt instead of sour cream…. it was a simple change, but now I can’t imagine using sour cream every again!”

As Amanda got results, her family started to notice and wanted to get involved!  Soon enough they had multiple people joining the challenges with them and getting their own results from home!  Amanda was so happy with her new lifestyle, she began to coach and is not one of our Active Fitt Coaches helping others around the globe!!

I found that if I just put one step in front of the other, making small changes, I could get results. My journey was a bit longer than others, but let's be honest, I don't want to give up my brownies and pizza! It's not the length of the time of the journey, as long as you enjoy the ride and get there!

Adam supported Amanda throughout her journey by joining some workouts and stealing her shakes.  His results were not intended but are obvious from the pic below!

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