Bret Naber

Greeley, CO

go here Goal: Add muscle, improve athletic performance

Time w/ RightFitt: 8 week transformation, long term client             Achievement: PR’d in multiple races


Bret joined a RightFitt challenge after watching his wife defeat the struggles of weight loss.  Bret is a competitive runner and was already fit, but was looking to add some muscle and improve his racing times.  Being an avid runner who puts in high mileage each week makes adding muscle more difficult, and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to see a lot of results.  He was up for the challenge and hoped to gain strength to prevent injuries and improve his racing times.
Bret kept his running plan the same, added in a RightFitt strength training program accompanied by the 24 line of products for athletes.  He was able to increase his muscle %, felt stronger, and had PR’s in multiple races.
“RightFitt helped me build more lean muscle and got me stronger for a more durable racing season.”
We love Bret’s story as a reminder that RightFitt programs are for EVERYONE!! Your goal does not need to be weight loss to get a Fitt Coach.  You might want an increase of athletic performance or you might just be looking for healthy nutrition that will give you energy and help you feel great!
Bret’s wife, Janae, is one of our amazing teammates and is currently accepting new clients to assist in their transformation!  Fill out the form below and mention Janae or Bret to get started on your results.

RightFitt helped me build more lean muscle and got me stronger for a more durable racing season.

Andreas Gehring Dissertation Athletes need solid nutrition and support as much, if not more, than our other clients!  We have coached so many athletes to improve performance; and Bret’s story is inspiring so many people!!   Congrats Bret!!bret running

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