Over the course of the year, RightFitt coaches helped their clients all around the world to lose well over 1500 lbs!  Our personalized coaching in both fitness and nutrition has made it easy to get remarkable results!  This week we will be featuring one weight loss transformation story a day to highlight some of the hard work of our clients and coaches!

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Featuring: Anne Carveth

Anne’s Flying in for the Fun – After 25+ lb Weight Loss!

In 2011 Anne participated in a few different challenges, multiple workouts and a variety of races.  While she learned a lot and had some fun, she still wasn’t getting the results she was looking for.  Having two babies, a busy schedule and a true love of food had resulted in 25 extra lbs of weight that left her feeling aggravated and less-then-confident.

As many of us experience, Anne had her breaking point.  Completely frustrated, she came to RightFitt and said she was finally willing to do whatever it took and she gave us 4 weeks to deliver results!

Her exercise level was already great, so we primarily made nutritional changes.  Anne was nervous about this, as many of you are.  “I hate sweets; I hate ice cream and I’m a foodie. I can’t just eat shakes.  That’s not real for me.”  I loved this response!!  This is a REAL client needing REAL help.  I explained how, although she would have a shake each day, she would actually EAT plenty of delicious food and nutrients.  It’s about changing habits and cravings in a positive manageable manner.  Together we created a modified nutrition program that FITT her needs.

Anne was surprised at how much she ended up loving her shake and how full and satisfied they made her.  She also modified her snacks and other meals to make sure she was getting in good proteins and fewer calories.  Because of her love of food and cooking, she still enjoyed her family dinners as usual with smaller portion sizes.  She was not looking for miraculous fast results; she was looking for REAL results that would last and this program was perfect for her!

Over the next few months, Anne consistently lost 1.5 to 2 lbs every week.  “I never felt deprived like I was dieting.  If I wanted to eat out on the weekend, I would.  If I wanted a drink with my friends, I would have one.  I just made better choices.  I actually felt completely satisfied and comfortable with my new way of eating.”

Down 28 lbs, Anne’s biggest problem now is having to buy a completely new wardrobe!!!  She has easily kept her weight off and is now crossing over to our athletic nutrition plans to add muscle on and cut in some definition!  She is healthy, happy and confident; The best part is –

“I know how to eat and what to eat now.  Managing my weight is simple.”

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